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Diagnosing a problem with a washing machine is a complex process. There are many facets to a washing machine, and the errors can be rooted in a variety of locations. This is why a professional appliance repair company is often necessary in establishing reasons for break downs.

Prior to diagnosing the problem with the washing machine, a repair person will unplug the machine by disconnecting the grounding wire and water hoses. This is necessary as it eliminates chances for electrical shock.

From this point, diagnostics will of course vary depending on the problem being displayed by the washing machine. Because there are so many problems that can be exhibited, a knowledgeable washing machine repair person should be able to easily determine the methods for diagnosis once he or she arrives onsite.

Common Washing Machine Errors

• Power Malfunction

The appliance repair company will first check the outlet into which the washer is plugged. If the outlet is shown to have sufficient power, the repair person will then study the machine’s cord. If there is a reset button on the washing machine’s control panel, that may present a solution as well. Other items that may be tested include the timer and the off-balance switch. The lid switch will be checked for build-up of soap or residue and cleaned if necessary, and the water pump may also be cleaned if it is found to be clogged. If none of these measures resolve the power malfunction, the repair company will likely suggest replacing or repairing the motor binding

• Temperature Malfunction

Faulty water temperatures are among the more difficult to diagnose as the culprit could stem from a variety of locations. The repairperson will likely first check the thermostat on the home water heater. If the water heater seems to be in proper working order, other simple solutions are to check the settings on the temperature selector and to ensure that the supply hoses are in the correct locations. Otherwise, the repair company may replace the temperature selector switch, the mixing valve, or the timer.

• Tub Does Not Fill or Fills Incorrectly

A simple matter of cleaning the water inlet valves, cleaning the pump valve, cleaning the fill spout, or straightening the hoses can resolve the issue of a tub that receives no water, little water, or water during the wrong cycles. If these steps do not satisfactorily solve the problem, the repair person will probably replace the water level switch, the water inlet valves, or both.

• Vibration

It is normal for washing machines to experience some vibration, however excessive vibration can be a sign of a severe problem. The repair person must first ascertain that the vibration is not caused by human error, including an improperly loaded washer or a washing machine that is placed on an unbalanced surface. Other problems that could lead to excessive vibration include loose bolts or supports, or a faulty tub, which would possibly lead to the need for a new washing machine.

• Water Does Not Drain

If the washing machine’s tub stays filled with water, the culprit is almost always with the pump, however it is easier to first check the drain hose, which may have become twisted. Once this has been checked, the pump itself will either be cleaned or replaced.

• Water Leaks or Overflows

When water does not automatically shut off, the root cause is usually with either the hoses or the water inlet valve. The repair person will first check the hoses to make sure they are properly connected. If the problem appears to be with a faulty hose, it will be replaced. Otherwise, the water inlet valve or will be cleaned or replaced. It may also be necessary to replace the flow valve washer or to repair the level control switch.

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