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By MyPros Staff

Next time you don't get enough hot water in the house, don't yell at your family for selfishly "hogging' all the hot water. Don't blame your family if you notice dirty water coming out of the hot water faucet, either. The problem may not lie with your family. The problem may be that you need water heater repair.

Santa Clara has an approximately even number of gas and electric-heated water heaters. Gas water heaters are somewhat cheaper to operate, but much more bulky and expensive to install. They also have a somewhat higher chance of malfunctioning because of their somewhat more complicated design.

In a gas-heated water heater, what could necessitate water heater repair? Santa Clara service professionals say that it could be that the pilot light cannot stay lit. Often, this happens because the thermocouple is broken and isn't detecting any heat. The thermocouple is a safety device that prevents gas from being emitted from the gas valve, unless the pilot light is lit. A malfunctioning thermocouple won't provide the pilot light with the gas it needs to continue burning.

In electric water heaters, problems with the heating elements sometimes necessitate water heater repair. Santa Clara residents who own electric heaters should consider the possibility of having to replace one or more of the heater's electric heating elements (you know your heater is electric if it doesn't have a flue coming out of the top of the tank).

What is the likely problem if your hot water looks always looks dirty? Either your tank is starting to rust, or the sacrificial inside the tank is starting to rust. The sacrificial anode is supposed to rust first. It exists to prevent the tank from rusting. If it is corroded enough to turn the water inside the tank dirty, get the sacrificial anode replaced--or, if it is too late, you will have to replace the entire tank.

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