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You are already late for work, you try to take a shower, and realize a little too late that you are in need of professional water heater repair. Phoenix is broken up into smaller residential zones with a business sector conveniently locating right in the middle of it all. You may not be able to salvage today’s missed shower, but prompt repair of your ailing appliance should be a cinch from where you sit. A quick online search will undoubtedly face you with a full account of local repair companies who will suit your particular needs. After choosing your appliance repair company, you may want to have a quick list ready consisting of the model number and make of the unit in question, as well as a brief on what has been going on with it. This helps your technician to be prepared, that he or she may be better able to serve you.

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There are also a few things that you can check, such as the breaker or fuse box of your appliance, before employing water heater repair. Phoenix based repair companies will have a good deal of experience with both commercial and residential grade water heaters and boilers. Even if you have concluded that your water heater simply threw a breaker or blew a fuse, this can be a sign of a more prominent issue, and you may want to have it checked as soon as possible. You may also experience either no ignition of the pilot light or the water heater failing to shut down.

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Kelly Sheehan   Sunday, June 28, 2009, 9:06:31 AM
I have slow cold water leaking out of the bottom of the water heater. Is this a quick easy fix.

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