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Hot water is a basic luxury of civilization that we take for granted nearly every day. Until, that is, the day that we require water heater repair. New York water heaters, whether they use gas or electricity to heat up the water in their tanks, are generally pretty durable. However, it is only a matter of time (generally, about 12 years) before you need either water heater replacement or water heater repair.

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New York buildings, especially the older ones, almost invariably have gas-warmed water heaters. They consist of a water tank, a gas burner, and a pilot assembly. Cold water enters the tank from the top via a special "dip tube." The tube carries the water down to the bottom of the tank. This is important, because another tube carries hot water from the top of the tank, through the pipes, and out of the faucet (or wherever it is needed).

Electric water heaters, somewhat less common in older buildings, work almost exactly the same way, except that they use electric heating elements (resistant coils) to heat the water in the tank, instead of gas burners. Electric heat has the advantage of not needing an oxygen supply. Thus, electric water heaters, unlike gas water heaters, lack a flue.

When a gas or electric water heater isn't producing enough hot water, first ask yourself, "Is the tank big enough for my home?". If it's a gas water heater, check to make sure the valve is open. If the answer to both questions is, "yes," then call for water heater repair. New York landlords who don't maintain their building's water heaters can end up in "hot water" with their tenants!

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