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Each year in the Long Beach area, there are usually one or two small earthquakes and occasionally a larger one. Many people are immediately concerned with the physical damage to their homes and fail to think about the impact that the tremors might have on their appliances. However, thinking ahead can keep homeowners from having to deal with water heater replacement or water heater repair.

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Long Beach residents run the risk of sustaining water damage to their homes, if their water heaters are seriously damaged during a quake. In many cases when a unit is damaged beyond the help of water heater repair, Long Beach homeowners are faced with the high cost of replacing a water heater. These costs can be easily prevented by securing your water heater to the studs of your home’s frame.
In the case of a serious earthquake, having your water heater secured to the walls can serve an ever greater purpose than just preventing the costs of water heater repair. Long Beach runs the risk of losing water service during a major quake and the water that is contained in a heater that remains intact can be used for drinking, in the case of an emergency.
Another important reason to secure a water heater in the Long Beach area is the risk of rupturing the gas lines to the unit. If the line supplying gas to a water heater becomes broken, gas can begin to escape, creating a serious risk of fire or explosion.
Those who live in Long Beach and the surrounding areas have much to think about when it comes to preparing for earthquakes. However, with a bit of preplanning, some of the costly problems that are found in the aftermath of even the smallest tremors, such as a broken water heater, can be prevented.

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Union City Plumbing   Monday, February 27, 2012, 3:41:19 AM
It's my pleasure to be the first one to comment here. Actually, i like his blog. It gives us something to choose from like repair or replace. I think we should be more practical and alert. Thanks for the tips and advice. Keep Posting.

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