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People in the coastal city of Huntington Beach love their water whether it is out on the beach or in the form of a nice hot shower.  Sometimes, however, your water heater is on the fritz, and you need water heater repair.  Huntington Beach residents should know some safety precautions they should take before attempting any personal inspection of the malfunctioning water heater.  They should also take these steps before any water heater repair.

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Huntington Beach residents should start by cutting the power to the water heater.  You do not want any stray power making its way to the unit and causing a potentially hazardous situation.  You want to switch off the fuse or circuit breaker powering the heater.  Make sure you know exactly what you are doing.
Next, you want to switch the gas control valve into the setting that says pilot.  Follow this by cutting off the supply of water to the unit.  You do not want to start tinkering with the unit while it still has a steady supply of water.  That could make for a very long and complicated repair process.
You will want to open the hot water faucet and hook a hose up to the drain valve.  Once you have competed that you can get started on your attempts at water heater repair.
Huntington Beach residents should remember that whenever you are dealing with any appliance you need to put safety first.  It is better to leave the entire project to a professional than risk injury because you do not know what you are doing.

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