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By MyPros Staff

If you suddenly start consistently finding yourself without hot water, you may be wondering what went wrong with that mysterious machine located in the depths of your garage or basement. Will you end up needing expensive water heater repair? Boston residents take heart: the answer is, "not necessarily."

One reason that your water heater is not producing enough hot water could be that its thermostat is set too low, or needs to be replaced. Replacing a thermostat is a simple and inexpensive repair for a professional to undertake. Or it could be that your water heater is simply too small for the needs of your household.

Indeed, because water heaters are not complicated machines, most water heater repair is a simple matter of adjusting or replacing the malfunctioning component. In an electric water heater, for example, the heating elements sometimes burn out and need to be replaced. In gas-heated water heaters, the thermocouple needs to be replaced when it malfunctions. At other times, the main burners on gas-heated water heaters need to be cleaned, adjusted, or replaced. As the untrained homeowners cannot do this him or herself, this task requires the homeowner to search the Internet for water heater repair.

Boston water heater service people report that, sometimes, the problem is with the plumbing rather than the water heater. If you're getting cold water when you're supposed to get hot water, it could be that the pipes in your house have crossed. In that case, don't look for water heater repair: Boston has many good plumbers who could fix your pipes.

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