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By MyPros Staff

The latest follow up to the Cash for Clunkers automobile program is the Cash for Clunkers appliance program. While the purpose is very similar, the program is different in execution. The following article shows pros and cons of the program and helps answer some questions - should you replace your old appliance? How old is old? Does it make sense to get it fixed or fix it yourself instead? Hopefully, it will help you make an educated decision - Appliance Clunker Program.

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By MyPros Staff

The water heaters used in most homes today rely on the same principle, and they tend to be pretty reliable. Ideally, you'll almost never have to worry about water heater repair. Baldwin Park homes, located in a mostly residential suburb of Los Angeles have a pretty typical water heating arrangement. Most water heaters in Baldwin Park store water in an insulated tank that is heated over time by electronic coils. Some water heaters use gas or oil, which is slightly cheaper but somewhat less reliable.  Continue Reading >

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