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By MyPros Staff

As technology in general goes (and Houston residents know more about technology than most folk) washing machines are simple appliances and require straightforward washing machine repair. Houston householders will confirm, however, that as far as household appliances go, washing machines give more trouble than all the other appliances in their homes put together. Well, that’s because they are relatively complex machines. Any washer must be able to wash, rinse and dry at a variety of temperatures and other settings. Think of the limited size of the average washer and you will agree that they are quite impressive appliances. And, while not exactly rocket science, fixing a washer does take training, knowledge and skill. Fortunately there are lists of companies on the internet that offer washing machine repair. Houston home executives and career people need only click and call for expert washer help.

You might find it useful to know the sheer number of signs there are that your washer needs professional washing machine repair. Houston householders should call an appliance repair firm when:
•    the washer trips the power board
•    it shocks anyone who touches it
•    the machine is totally dead, won’t do a thing
•    it isn’t washing/rinsing/drying although you can hear a low hum
•    the machine won’t pump water out
•    the drum won’t turn or won’t hit a useful speed
•    the door refuses to open
•    the timer is stuck or otherwise broken
•    the machine makes a big noise when spinning
•    the machine jumps about like a lunatic (family and friends might find this funny)
•    there is leakage when the machine is operative or when it is not being used
•    there is a blown fuse or there is smoke coming from the drum (bad news this)
•    the machine fills with water when the machine is not in use
•    the washer fills and drains simultaneously (frustrating!)

WARNING: You should never attempt to fix a washing machine – or any other electric appliance in the home – unless you are a certified appliance repair engineer. Home appliances are your greatest friends when working faultlessly, but when they are faulty they are dangerous. So get on the internet and get your broken washer into professional hands fast.

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