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By MyPros Staff

Orlando, Florida is better known for its chain restaurants and amusement parks than for its home cooking. However, for actual residents of Orlando--rather than the  tourists--cooking at home in one's own stove is very important. Given how often Orlando residents use their stoves, it is surprising that they are not constantly calling for stove repair.

Orlando homes, however, tend to have pretty durable stoves. Ovens are made to withstand terrible temperatures, and even if a stove gets so hot on the outside that you cannot touch it, the oven will be fine. Indeed, the only time you need to concern yourself about high temperatures in and around your stove is if you see the stove emitting sparks. In that case, unplug the stove right away (many gas stoves don't use electricity at all; these won't emit sparks, although they do pose another potential risk: letting flammable gas seep into the house). You must discern where the sparks came from. If they came from one or more of the heating elements, get those elements replaced, and, ideally, get a technician to inspect your stove's wiring.

With a gas stove, most problems involve some interruption of the process of getting gas from the house's gas lines over to the pilot light and burners. Another common problem is when dirt gets into the pilot assembly or into the holes on the burners. IF either of these happen, the burners don't get gas, or they get gas but don't ignite. If the burners still don't work, even after a thorough cleaning, call for professional  stove repair.

Orlando condominiums and newer houses usually have electric stoves, however. Common problems with electric stoves usually involve one or more heating elements breaking down, or the thermostat not working.

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