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The modern range top is a supremely convenient method of cooking food. Whether it uses natural gas or electricity to provide heat, its advantages over an open fire (our only other option) are uncountable. For how ingenious a range or cook top is, it is surprising how easy it is to maintain. It is surprising how rarely circumstances call for range repair.

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Tampa, Florida is known for its sunshine and its condominiums. It is known as a wonderful place to retire. A Florida condominium becomes considerably less wonderful, however, if it is bereft of facilities in which to do one's own cooking. Range tops are reliable, but they do sometimes malfunction.

Here are the most common problems that gas and electric ranges and cook tops have problems that may require the services of a professional who can perform range repair.

Tampa houses, especially older ones, sometimes have gas ranges. Gas ranges work by virtue of flammable natural gas, which is issued in from underground pipelines. A small amount of gas is always flowing out of the oven. This keeps the pilot light burning. When you turn on the gas range, the main burners issue forth more gas, which the flame of the pilot light then ignites. Newer gas ranges substitute an electric ignition system for a pilot light. If any part of this process is interrupted by a mechanical or electrical problem, the range won't light up. It is then time to call for professional range repair.

Tampa electric ranges rely on coils of resistant wire to generate heat, instead of gas burners. These coils, which form part of what is known as the "heating element" sometimes burn out. You can often tell if your heating element has burned out if you see that the cooking surface of your electric range has started to crack and bubble. In that case, a service person will probably replace the heating element as well as check the wiring for you.

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