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If your gas or electric range doesn't work anymore, you need range repair. Phoenix or Minneapolis--it doesn't matter where you live, you probably use a range top to cook your food at least every other day (if not more).

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By "range" most people mean the top surface of an stove or oven, which is also known as a "cook top." This is the part of the stove that has (usually) four or more burners whose heat intensity you, the user, can directly control. By contrast, the oven's temperature is regulated by a thermostat, and controlled only indirectly by the user. The range heats only whatever surface is placed atop it, rather than the surrounding air the way an oven does. This assures maximum efficiency when preparing quick meals that don't need to be slowly cooked from all sides.

A range top has fewer parts than an oven, and, thus, any problems with its operation are easier to diagnose. Here are some typical problems that could lead a homeowner or would-be cook to call for range repair.

Phoenix ranges that use electric heating elements can break down when either the element itself burns out, or when the wiring (usually located beneath the range top's cover) that connects the heating elements to the range top's controls gets burned. Sometimes, the receptacle that the heating element plugs into has loose wires inside. All of this can cause the appliance to malfunction. If your burner only works some of the time, or if your electric range top seems to only have two settings, "hot," and "nothing," call for range repair.

Phoenix gas stoves, instead of malfunctioning wiring and heating elements, often have problematic burners or ignition. If your burners won't emit a flame even after you've cleaned them thoroughly (and turned the pilot light on), call for range repair.

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