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By MyPros Staff

"Home, home on the range" is originally about something else, but it could very well be a song that describes our relationship with our gas ranges. We rely on our stove's range top for almost all basic cooking tasks. If the range top's burners stop working, or start working only intermittently, it can be very annoying indeed. Fortunately, it is a relatively uncomplicated matter to perform basic range repair.

Orlando residents of all demographics rely on their range tops every day. Say you want to heat up those leftovers, but you don't like the taste of microwave-heated food. The solution is simple: put the leftovers in a pot and put the pot on that old gas range top that came with your house or apartment. However, what if you suddenly find that the range top's burners don't ignite, even after you hold the dial in the "high" position for fifteen seconds or more. You start smelling gas--but still no fire.

Is it time to call for professional range repair? Orlando stove and other appliance service professionals recommend trying to clean the gas burners first. Make sure the gas valve is set to "off" before you do this, and if your stove has any electric components, unplug it. Use a fine implement such as a toothpick or a needle to get into the holes located at the sides of the burner. The idea is to get rid of any food or dirt particles that may have gotten lodged in the holes and obstructed the flow of fiery gas. If, after this procedure, the burners still don't ignite, it's time to call for professional range repair.

Orlando condominiums and newer homes often have electric ranges. When these malfunction, it's usually a problem with the heating elements or with the wiring connecting, for example, the heating elements to the temperature-control dials. Again, these are problems easily fixed by a competent technician.

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