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By MyPros Staff

Ovens are one of the homeowner’s best appliances. They’re easy to use, and easy to fix. But that doesn’t mean they work all the time, that there’s no such thing as oven repair. Van Nuys residents should get themselves a bit more educated on how they work before they weigh their options. They have time – if the oven doesn’t work, there’s always the grill or the microwave in the meantime.

Think about it like this – you could always err on the side of caution and call the repairman. But that brings other risks. You don’t know if the repairman is actually going to give you the best deal, or let you know all the ins and outs of repair work. You may even have to take a day or two off work just so you can be there when he – hopefully – arrives. There’s a better way.
Again, the oven is a rather simple device to operate. Of course, there are great differences between the gas and electric ovens, and you should take that into consideration before you engage in any serious work.
Electric ovens use heating elements, while gas ovens use a pilot light and a steady supply of gas. Those parts just mentioned are usually where things can go wrong.
Before you do anything else, it is imperative that you check the fuse or circuit breaker for the oven. (Most of the time you can find this underneath the cook top.) Replacing either model is quite simple, just unscrew to old foeending part and replace it with a working one. Tools such as screwdrivers are often needed for this; turn the power off first and make sure you use insulated tools to protect yourself from any electric shock.
Sparks coming out of the oven, is a sign of something very serious. Let the oven cool and try to find the exact origin of the sparks. It could come from dirt and grime build-up inside. If a cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, only then should you call for oven repair.
Van Nuys probably has a good repairman; in fact, it’s certain too, given its location in one of the country’s most populated states. Better yet, you could use them to get some input on replacing parts. They won’t tell you that spare parts like heating elements and fuses are actually quite cheap, and can sometimes be bought for less than the cost of a meal at a fast-food restaurant.

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Ann Marie   Saturday, November 15, 2008, 7:21:34 AM
My Frigidaire Range, Professional Series, Model FGF379WECS, has an LED display for time and oven temperature. The LED is fine for the time, but the oven temp display is so dim I cannot see it. What can I do? Thanks!

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