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There are so many difficulties that you can have with an oven that it is a wonder ovens do not break down constantly.  By educating yourself on a few issues at a time, you can become an expert in oven repair. 

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Orange is home to more than 138,000 people, and most of them do not know that much about oven repair.  Orange residents can set themselves apart from the crowd by learning a few possible solutions to common problems.
What if your oven timer is not working?  This one problem can have multiple causes so you just have to go down the list and check them off one by one.  The process of elimination may seem to be time consuming, but it is effective.  This one issue could be influenced by the oven timer, the oven thermostat, the selector switch, or even the circuit breaker.  By going down the list and checking these one by one, you will probably find the source of the problem.  If not, then you will have eliminated many of the likely suspects.
If heat is exiting your oven, then you want to check the oven door.  Is it completely closed?  Is the door aligned properly to be flush with the rest of the oven?  Is there any damage done to the springs or hinges on the door?  These are a few of the factors that could be causing heat to escape. 
The problems you can have with ovens seem practically limitless.  By picking up as much as you can, you will one day become knowledgeable in all aspects of oven repair.  Orange residents have what it takes to know as much about oven repair as the professionals.

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