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By MyPros Staff

When your microwave breaks down, many homeowners are unconcerned about microwave repair. Long Beach residents, and residents of other areas, have other options after all – maybe an oven or a stovetop can take up some of the microwave’s slack. But for the health-oriented consumer, the microwave can be a much better friend than any other cooking method.

Studies have shown that vegetables – especially spinach – retain nearly all their nutrients after being microwaved, nutrients they otherwise might have totally lost through stovetop cooking. That’s because the heating is fairly uniform, and heats nearly all the food product at once, a feature that virtually no other heating technique can boast of. Better yet, microwaving is fairly safe, and very energy-efficient – waiting on repairs can damage not only your health, but your wallet! And there’s more good news – most microwaves come in similar size, which simplifies microwave repair.
Long Beach to Arizona to Pennsylvania – size doesn’t vary much from region to region. Microwaves come in size from compact – portable, countertop models – to large capacity units designed for big meals. Some bigger units have up to 2 feet of cooking capacity.
With the low costs of microwaves, many choose not to repair the unit in the first place, but replace the unit entirely. However, one could avoid that step by learning about microwave repair, rather than hiring an expert for more than the microwave’s total cost.
The most common problems include broken fuses, bugs in the circuit board, and bad interlock switches. But beware when changing a fuse – microwaves can shock careless users, even when unplugged. Make sure you use a screwdriver with an insulated handle. Other problem areas for microwaves include the magnetron, the power diode and the high voltage capacitor.
Many websites feature hundreds of tips on microwave repair; Long Beach residents could find advice from local experts a mere mouse click away.

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