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Remember when you had to make your own ice cubes with those old fashion silver trays? You lifted the arm mechanism, and it caused the ice cubes to come loose from the tray. Now we have ice makers, built right into our refrigerators, which make ice for us; unless they malfunction. Then it’s time to seek out a company who does ice maker repair. Dallas, one of the nations 100 most ethnically diverse communities, has multilingual repair technicians who can troubleshoot your ice maker, and figure out what’s wrong with it.

Rated Ice Maker Repair Companies in Dallas, TX

In order for your ice maker to work it needs a water supply. Copper or plastic tubing connects from the back of the refrigerator to a water source which is usually underneath the kitchen sink. The water travels through the tubing to the inlet valve which is equipped with a solenoid. The solenoid trips and allows the water to flow to the ice maker where it is turned into ice cubes. A thermostat, with a preset temperature, constantly monitors the temperature, and signals the ice maker to start making ice when the temperature gets to high. When the ice is made, an electric heater activates. This causes the cubes to come loose and fall into the tray, and then the process starts all over again. If there’s an interruption in the cycle the ice maker will stop producing cubes until it’s fixed.

When a malfunction occurs you’ll need ice maker repair. Dallas residents have a multitude of repair companies waiting to hear from them. So grab your keyboard, and type in “ice maker repair Dallas.” One of the companies that pop up will get your ice maker up and running, and those ice cubes back in that tall glass of lemonade in no time.

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