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Perhaps the best and most efficient way to heat a small space is with a smaller electric heater, rather than through a furnace or central heating system. Heating a small room, they won't use up as much energy as a big furnace. What's more, these electric heaters are simpler to maintain than furnaces, and, if something breaks, parts are easier to simply replace. Indeed, being able to diagnose what is broken, and quickly replace it, comprises most of the science and art of heater repair

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Reston, VA features many smaller rooms and residences that use electric heaters rather than furnaces. Additionally, many basements in Reston rely on electric baseboard or wall-mounted heaters, and are not connected to a central furnace. When these heaters break, it's an easy matter to find heater repair. Reston, after all, is a world-famous planned community.

What kinds of things could go wrong in an electric wall-mounted or baseboard heater? First of all, if the heater does not provide any heat at all, and refuses to even turn on, it may have caused a fuse to blow or a circuit breaker to trip. This is especially likely if the heater in question is a wall-mounted one that comes with a fan, and the fan doesn't turn on. Loose or burnt wiring can cause an electric heater to do this. If your heater keeps blowing a fuse, or if hasn't blown any fuses but doesn't to turn on, call a professional to see if the heater needs to be replace, or if there is a possibility for heater repair.

Reston residents, or anyone else who owns a baseboard or wall-mounted electric heater, should also take note: keep the heater free from obstructions, and check the filters regularly. If lint or dirt gets stuck in the filters, it can cause overheating, and even fires.

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Sammy Okereke   Saturday, December 15, 2012, 6:29:25 PM
Why does my wall mounted heater blow cold air?

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