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Compared to most of the rest of America, Southern California has relatively mild winters. Thus, many homes, especially the smaller ones, forgo a furnace or central heating altogether. Instead, to keep warm when the weather hits the 50's and, rarely, 40's in December and January, many Southern Californians rely on electric heaters.

While electric heaters work fine most of the time, they occasionally do experience problems that require heater repair. Orange County, a typically warm area of Southern California, has its share of heaters that break down in the winter. How do you know when your heater has stopped working? Put your hand about six inches away from the surface while the heater is turned on and operational. If you don't feel any heat, quite possibly the heating element has burnt out, or there is faulty wiring somewhere in the heater. Check your house's fuse box or circuit breaker panel. Has a fuse blown, or has a circuit been tripped? Replace the fuse or reset the circuit. If your heater keeps blowing the fuse or tripping the circuit breaker, call for professional heater repair.

Orange County basements can sometimes be dusty places. Another reason heaters break down is if dust and debris start to settle on the electric heating element. This causes the element to burn out before its time, and can even start a fire.

Alternatively, if the heating element and wiring on your heater is fine, the problem may be with the thermostat. To know for sure, call for professional heater repair. Orange County and Los Angeles residents can now, in this age of the Internet, check online to find professionals in their area.

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