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Even sunny Florida gets cold sometimes. Winter temperatures in Tampa Florida can reach the freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit), and one time, in 1977, Tampa has even seen snow. That's why it's important to make sure your furnace is working. If your furnace doesn't generate any heat, consider furnace repair. Tampa residents, indeed, should consider furnace repair if their furnace is noisy, or if it keeps running for a suspiciously long time without generating the amount of heat that they are used to.

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It helps to understand the basic principles of furnaces before calling for furnace repair. Tampa furnaces most commonly use natural gas to create heat. When a thermostat determines that indoor temperature has gotten sufficiently cold, massive burners supply gas on command. A pilot light or electric ignition system ignites the gas. An large, electric-powered fan sucks in cold air from the house, and directs hot air back into the house. The hot air moves into the different rooms of the house via system of ducts and vents, a phenomenon known as central heating. If the pilot light or, especially, electric ignition malfunctions, it's time to call for furnace repair. Tampa heating technicians know how tricky it is to attempt to fix an electric ignition on one's own (it is most emphatically not recommended

There are other ways the furnace can start to work inefficiently. There could be a mechanical problem with the motor that powers the fan, for example. The belts may need to be adjusted, or the motor may need to be oiled. Electric furnaces have motors and fans as well, and they are just as likely to malfunction in an electric furnace as in a gas furnace.

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