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By MyPros Staff

A clothes dryer is something that most families would find hard to live without. The convenience of drying clothes any time of the day or night is very appealing, and a time saver, too. When you dryer starts to make a funny noise, or even worse, stops running at all, don't panic! Simply call a local fix-it shop for appliances, and make an appointment for dryer repair. Pomona can boast quite a few laundromats within its city limits, but most people would rather do their laundry in the comfort of their home.

A dryer is not a complicated appliance.  There is a motor, a drum, a timer, a thermostat, a heating element, a switch or two, a couple of fuses and some wiring. That's it! The most common dryer repairs are replacing the belt on the drum, replacing a defective timer, a defective thermostat, or a defective power cord.
Sounds simple, but the sharp edges and moving parts on a disassembled dryer can be dangerous, as can the electrical current still present in the power source. Why take the chance of injury when a competent repairman can diagnose your problem quickly?
Pomona clothes dryers get a lot of use. An active city with almost perfect weather most of the year, there are many sporting events for kids and adults alike to participate in. The ocean is a mere 30 miles away, and mountain ranges are nearby for hiking, camping, and fishing. All these activities make use of lots of towels and changes of clothes!
Most people want an appliance fixed as soon as possible. Look for a company that offers to come out the same day you call for dryer repair. Pomona residents have a choice of many repairmen from all over Los Angeles county who work on appliances, many who specialize in dryer repair. Pomona itself has a good-sized Yellow Pages section of appliance repair businesses.

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