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The water heaters used in most homes today rely on the same principle, and they tend to be pretty reliable. Ideally, you'll almost never have to worry about water heater repair. Baldwin Park homes, located in a mostly residential suburb of Los Angeles have a pretty typical water heating arrangement. Most water heaters in Baldwin Park store water in an insulated tank that is heated over time by electronic coils. Some water heaters use gas or oil, which is slightly cheaper but somewhat less reliable. 

What are some signs that something is wrong with your water heater? The most obvious sign, of course, is if your house is not getting hot water. If you have a gas heater and face this problem, take heart--an extinguished pilot light may be the source of your trouble. If this is the case, simply relight that pilot light. No need to shell out for expensive water heater repair. 
Baldwin Park residents--or anyone else who owns an electric water heater--should consider the possibility that their heater has a broken electric thermostat or heating element (the "coil"). If this is you, talk to a reputable professional to about getting the necessary parts of their water heater's electric system replaced. 
What's another potential sign that you're in need of professional water heater repair? Baldwin Park residents who've smelled that sulfurous "rotting eggs" smell emanating from the water heaters in their basements--as though from some nightmarish underworld--can tell you the answer.  Most water heaters use metallic tanks. To prevent the tanks from rusting, these water heaters rely on a thin stick of aluminum or magnesium known as the "sacrificial anode," which corrodes so that the tank itself doesn't have to. 
If sand and other sediment collects in the tank, bacteria may form colonies in the sediment. The hydrogen gases that result from the corrosion of the sacrificial anode will nourish the bacteria, which will in turn cause an unpleasant odor. Drain your water heater to get rid of the bacteria. If the smell comes back, get that sacrificial anode replaced!

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