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By MyPros Staff

I give you a worst case scenario: a blizzard roaring through Portland compliments of the Columbia River Gorge and you climb in the shower to find that the hot water faucet produces only a freezing cold spray. Clearly you need water heater repair. Portland residents are hereby informed that such an event need not be a disaster. Climb out of the shower, get dry, warm and dressed, and search for water heater repair firms in Portland, Oregon on the internet, and you will be pleased to find a list of great firms who have expert technicians ready to come and service or fix your water heater, no matter what type of domestic hot water (DHW) system it is. They differ according to the energy source used (natural gas, LPG, electricity, oil or solid fuels) and in the way they work. Most modern types include insulated storage tanks. Certified appliance technicians can fix all of these types and more.  Continue Reading >

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By MyPros Staff

Portland, OR has perhaps one of the most diverse populations of any American city. Yet most Portlanders still have one thing in common: their reliance on common household appliances. A malfunctioning appliance is a major interruption of normal life. A dishwasher used to be considered a luxury. These days, if a dishwasher breaks down, people often feel like they cannot go on with life. Immediately, people call for appliance repair.  Continue Reading >

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