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By MyPros Staff

It’s expensive to live in Boston, Massachusetts, and you probably spent a lot when you bought your top-name kitchen range. That’s why you are no doubt annoyed when it develops faults and you find yourself looking around for a reputable firm that offers range repair. Boston residents are fortunate in that the city is served by many fine appliance repair firms, most of which are listed on the internet. A quick search for “range repair”, “stove repair” or “oven repair”, with a mention of Boston of course, should deliver exactly the kind of search result you want: a list of company names with contact details and other useful information included.  Continue Reading >

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By MyPros Staff

If you live in Boston and are experiencing problems with your fridge, you will probably want to sort it out as soon as possible by finding someone who is qualified in refrigerator repair. Boston repair companies are numerous and easy to find, and a quick search on the Internet will bring up a number of companies that can help you out. After all, you do not want to be waiting for long to get your refrigerator working again, especially as most of the things inside it are likely to perish. Continue Reading >

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