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The intense summer heat of California can be brutal at times. With temperatures soaring into the upper 80s to low 90s on a daily basis in the peak of summer, those in the Irvine area want to do whatever they can to beat the heat. When an indoor cooling system breaks down, residences and businesses alike are looking for fast and efficient air conditioning repair. Irvine natives may have that laid-back California attitude, but even the most relaxed of people can get impatient when the temperatures are rising.

In order to avoid the need for air conditioning repair, Irvine homeowners and business owners can have their air conditioning units tuned up, even before the season begins. Routine preventative maintenance is an air conditioner’s best friend. Having a pre-season checkup can help to locate any potential problems, keep the system running longer and avoid the need for a mid-summer emergency call for air conditioning repair.
Irvine repair specialists can be called in the spring months to come in and look over the air conditioning unit. They will check the system for leaks and add Freon if necessary to keep he air conditioner cooling properly. They will also give the major components of the air conditioning system an inspection, checking the condenser, coils, compressor and other important parts. They will also calibrate the thermostat, if that is needed, and will change the filters and check any ductwork.
While having an air conditioner checkup does not guarantee that your system will not break down during the season, it can significantly lessen the chance. Those who have their AC units maintained on a regular basis can also receive the benefit of having lower energy bills. When appliances like air conditioners are working properly and well maintained, they are less apt to need repair and will run in a more energy efficient fashion.

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Air Conditioning Repair   Monday, April 09, 2012, 1:17:23 AM
Having an air conditioner check up is really important. This helps to lessen the troubles and have a lover energy bills on the air conditioner. Thanks for this post.

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